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The production process in Gamamobel is fully integrated. We internally develop all the productive stages from the manufacturing of the product to its upholstery.

Here we give you the different stages in the production cycle of a sofa. This example is applicable to the rest of upholstery pieces we do.

Reception of fabric or leather

Once we receive the leather or fabric we measure it to check we have the correct amount. Once this is done, we search for imperfections. If we find any, these are removed by hand.

Cutting of fabrics and leathers

The cutting is handmade. The team in charge of this is very professional and has lots of experience in the making. This process is fully handcrafted.

Specialized machines are used to cut the fabrics. These machines are digitally connected to a software which ensures all pieces are cut equally and perfectly.

Structure section

Once we receive all the necessary raw materials, such as solid wood and chipboard, we measure the widths and check the thickness to assure they are of good quality. We then analyse the pieces of wood to look for imperfections. Once the adequate texture is achieved, we begin preparing the structure of the sofa:


The sewing department is formed by a team of extremely talented women who are in charge of making the upholstery covers which will then form part of the sofa.

Padding and upholstery section

The pillows are dressed with the necessary textures to achieve the perfect density. Once this is done, we upholster the piece with the leather or fabric previously sewn by our women of the Sewing Department.

Upholstery section

In this section the structure is upholstered with the necessary raw materials, then the product is assembled and upholstered. Any extra accessories such as relax mechanisms are added where necessary.


In this section, the accessories are fully assembled and ready for their last revision. All the mechanisms are checked in order to prove they work perfectly. Legs and backrests are assembled and all covers are ironed. The next stop for the sofas is the Quality Check Department.

Quality Check Department

Here the product is fully checked to confirm it is perfect and ready for delivery. Upholstery, mechanisms, densities and structures are revised. Performance tests are carried out. We then proceed to the final stage: packing the sofas.






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